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With New Mumma Mojo - the Online 6 Week Program for you AND your baby! Designed by Mums With Bubs Fitness, Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Specialists!

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Want to regain your health and fitness after having a baby, but feel constrained by unpredictable naptimes? Or perhaps you're just not sure where to start? The New Mumma Mojo Program is an ONLINE program, specifically designed to be gentle & effective on postnatal bodies, that you can do anywhere, anytime, AND includes your baby!

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Module #1: The New You

Module 1 is all about finding your starting point in your postnatal exercise journey! We'll delve into your 'why' - what it is you wish to gain from this course, go through your first 20 videos demonstrating the best cardio, strength and stretching sequences for you while playing with your baby, and most importantly, we'll show you how to do it in a fun, stress free way!

Module #2: Finding Your Mumma Mojo

Module 2: Finding your Mumma Mojo, is all about getting into the groove and making this program work best for you and your bub! We'll cover all the movements that are also 'play' and bonding time for you and baby, in addition to adding on 12 new videos for your Pram Fitness training!

Module #3: Blend it, Baby!

You'll hear me say that this program is about blending, not balance, as we're really melding the worlds of exercise and play with your baby as we go through each week! And that's what Module 3: Blend it, Baby, focuses on.  How you've gone so far, and how we can keep you motivated and on track to better health!

Module #4: Into the Groove

In Module 4: Into the Groove, we start to increase your cardio, discuss the pros and cons of high intensity cardio, and add in more challenging strength movements that your little one will enjoy as much as you!  This Module contains 6 new videos to add to your program, so you'll keep training hard and loving every minute of fun with bub!

Module #5: Mumma Mojo Magic

Module 5:Mumma Mojo Magic, will see you feeling the effects of your efforts thus far, working your magic in your new found way of having fun with your baby while fitting in exercise!  We'll go into depth on core work, the pros, cons, and what to watch out for in your own body, and then add in three new moves that will leave your baby giggling and you feeling fantastic results.

Module #6: Don't Stop Movin' Mumma!

Module 6:Don't Stop Movin' Mumma! will give you the tools you need to keep progressing your fitness! You'll have developed a solid foundation and knowledge base to ensure you continue building your strength and seeing results.  We want you to keep it up, and this final Module will help make sure you do!

What you'll gain from the New Mumma Mojo Program:


  • You're returning to fitness after having children, and are looking for a gentle, effective program to start you on your way.
  • You have one or more children, and working out at home is the best option most days!
  • You're looking for a fun, meaningful way to bond with your baby, doing an activity that is as beneficial for them as it is for you!
  • You're unsure of your post-baby body and want to regain your fitness safely, while achieving great results!


  • You are already training at an advanced level of fitness
  • You prefer going to the gym
  • You have ongoing health concerns that need to be addressed
  • Although this program can be done with or without a baby, it is designed to be completed with babies aged 6 weeks to 8 months ie: when they will hold still and love to be in the pram or carrier!
  • You have been advised by your healthcare provider not to undertake physical activity.